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Written by Janice d’Eon
Illustrated by Melissa Rainford

Is a cat’s life the purrrfect way to avoid chores?

Novels by Rory d’Eon

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Réal cover

If God wasn’t who you thought he was…

In his fight to keep the fabric of the village from unraveling, Réal, keeper of the most sought after secrets, battles divine and secular forces that conspire to bend him to their needs.
Worse, the revelation of his true identity, the most destructive secret of all, renders him powerless.
The resulting chaos redefines the tenets of love and fidelity, guilt and grief, religion and faith.

And God.

Over 660 pages!

Children’s Books

Author Janice d’Eon
Illustrator Melissa Rainford

Just Released!

Réal cover

Turning an everyday spot into an amazing place is exhilarating.

Whether it’s a cardboard castle to defend, a snow fort, or a secret hideout in a haystack in which to dream private dreams, two children take advantage of their surroundings and create unique spots that become worlds of their own.

All of these are thrilling, but somewhere quite unexpected is waiting to be discovered as A PERFECT PLACE.

This book is ideal to read to your children (or grandchildren) at bedtime or before a nap.

Just Released!

Réal cover

by Chelsea Rainford

If ever there was a poetry book that stirred the soul, The Winter Battle is it.

A tortured soul, cold and desolate, devoid of hope, rife with pain, battles for survival. It fights for the chance to rise in the spring and, just maybe, flower in summer.

A breathtaking collection of poems.


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