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Two novels in one volume. Over 650 pages!

The Unspooling of Mrs. Devlin details Mrs. Devlin's battle to save her son from the mind-numbing boredom of parochial existence. This puts her in direct conflict with the school's lusty Mother Superior, the Church's acute predicament, and with her son's desire for love and independence.
But most of all, she wrestles with her own demons and how to remedy the many years of being trapped in a meaningless marriage.
Sensuous and deliciously wicked, The Unspooling of Mrs. Devlin thrills the senses and mind.

In The Framing of Mrs. Devlin, Mrs. Devlin is crushed, "snapped out" of reality, and has retreated into her own world, certain that no one understands her, certain that she's a failure.
Though deeply troubled by her actions, all is not lost. Roderick flourishes despite her, she finds a listener in Agnes, and Father Penner becomes an ally. Even her husband reaches out to her, though in an unexpected and stirring fashion. Peace returns.
But it's short-lived. Monsignor's plans threaten to destroy her and her family. And the underlying issues are still there, haunting her every step.

Once and for all, Mrs. Devlin must act to preserve what's most precious to her and her loved ones.

Available at: in hardcopy and eBook (with links to Apple iBookstore), and Amazon Kindle

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gemma is an intimate portrayal of a woman fighting to stay relevant to herself. It explores the confusion that surrounds a marriage breakup, the doubt that ensues, and the humiliation of being out of touch with oneself.

"I feel like, sometimes, that I'm two people. It's a bitch."

Since university days, Gemma's been haunted by an escalating and paralyzing shame, along with an acute unwillingness, a fear, to confront it.

Now, forty-four years old, married to a successful business executive and the mother of adult twins, the repressed woman inside her emerges to make her face the truths that cannot be ignored any longer.

A battle ensues. As the new woman gains strength, she will, she knows, self-destruct. But to free herself from this lethal momentum requires no less than someone's death.

Her own.

Available at: in hardcopy and eBook (with links to Apple iBookstore), and Amazon Kindle.
Also available in hardcopy at Epic Bookstore, Hamilton ON.

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…if God wasn’t who you thought He was…

In his quest to keep the fabric of the village from unraveling, Réal, keeper of the most sought after secrets, battles divine and secular forces that conspire to bend him to their needs.

Worse, the revelation of his true identity, the most shocking secret of all, renders him powerless.

The resulting chaos redefines the tenets of love and fidelity, guilt and grief, religion and faith.

And God.

Over 660 pages!

Available at: in hardcopy and eBook (with links to Apple iBookstore), and Amazon Kindle

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