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If ever there was a poetry book that stirred the soul, The Winter Battle is it.

A breathtaking collection of poems

A tortured winter soul, cold and desolate, devoid of hope, rife with pain, in perpetual battle for survival—for a chance to rise in spring and maybe flower in summer.

Available at: Lulu.com in hardcopy and eBook, and Amazon Kindle

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Selected poems by Chelsea Rainford
Selected poems by Janice d'Eon
Illustrations by Melissa Rainford
Selected poems and photographs by Rory d'Eon

C J M R is a collaborative work embracing the experiences of four diverse contributors.

From the raw simplicity of youth to the measured words and photographs of more seasoned artists, C J M R is an exposé of their hopes and fears, their successes and disappointments.

It is also a moment in time, an etching in stone of each creator's fascinating mind-set.

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